Engine Building

In 2010 Rogue Motorsport moved to new premises and invested in a dedicted Engine build facility, engine building is something we've been doing for many years prior to this and its a service we're well known for. Whether its a blue printed race engine or an 800BHP 2.0ltr turbo we have the required experience.

From initial fault diagnosis through to inspection and repair, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in rebuilding and tuning Toyota engines. Our years of experience and background in Motorsport gives us the edge when it comes to getting the best out of your performance engine.

On site, we have a dedicated engine build clean room, a sub-assembly area and access to a wide range of parts. So whether you simply want to increase the output of your engine, or just routine maintenece, we can inspect, diagnose and fix the fault. Give us a call on 01926 810104 to discuss your requirements.

If you'd like further information or a detailed engine build breakdown estimate, please send details of your specific requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Typical work includes:
MLS Headgasket upgrades
Re-boring and honing (with Torque Plate)
Cylinder head & cylinder block re-surfacing
Porting & polishing
Crankshaft ballencing and lightening
Fitting of performance camshafts, valves & vale springs
Fitting of Forged pistons, rods etc
Fitting turbo and Supercharger upgrades
Bespoke design and manufacture
Custom made exhausts

If you’re looking for more power or tuning options for your engine also visit our Performance tuning page.

We’ve worked extensively on the following engines:
Engines – 1ZZFE, 2ZZGE, 1MZFE, 2GRFE, 3SGE, 3SGTE, 2URGSE and 4AGE.