Rogue Motorsport sets the pace and leads the way!

Historically a specialist in the Toyota MR2, Rogue Motorsport has been established for a number of years catering for road and race cars. Servicing, general vehicle maintenance and custom project work is what we do best, imported supercharged and turbocharged models are a speciality. We are happy to offer all these services to any Japanese or European sports car. For a full list of the services we provide, please visit our services section. Alternatively if you require a bespoke service, please contact us directly on 01926 810104 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Rogue Motorsport have been heavily involved in circuit racing for a number of years, Team Rogue Racing support several race series throughout the race season including Britcar, MR2 Championship, MR2 Super GT and the new BMW Z3 Roadzter series. The knowledge we've gained on track with these cars directly translates to the service we're able to provide on the road and you'll find options available at Rogue Motorsport that you just can't get anywhere else.